Why Your Business Needs an App

Consider this…In 1993, business owners were told, “You need a website to reach your customers.” Most business owners responded with – “What’s a website?” Some of them asked, “Why do I need a website when none of my customers have email or access to the internet yet?” It’s rare to find a serious business without a website now.


Now,  we are seeing the same thing – to compete, you no longer need just a website, you need a Smart Phone App. If your customers are not there yet, they soon will be. Remember this… just like the internet became a part of everyday life, so will the smartphone, only – the adoption will be quicker. Don’t be a business left without having its own smartphone app in the Apple or the Android App stores! Over 1 million smart phones are being activated every day!

This number will double in 18 months!  


App For Your Business

Here are 3 reasons why your business should be getting its own mobile app.

(1) Builds Brand Loyalty: What business owner doesn’t want more or better brand loyalty. Through a mobile app your business can stay in one-on-one intimate contact with your customer base. Your app can keep the customer engaged with and informed about your business activities, events and specials, which is an important part of building this loyalty. Mobile Optimized Website are Essential

(2) Tool for Mobile Strategy: Having a mobile app allows you to present information, services and products to your customers through a medium that people like, use and have with them constantly. This provides your business with a tool to inform and sell to your customer base at anytime.

(3) Extra Revenue Stream: Through your mobile app you may reach an audience that you normally wouldn’t reach through other means of marketing. Not to mention with the mobile craze, people are searching and looking for the easiest and fastest way to get the information, products and services they want.


The Benefit To Your Business

One & One Intimate Communication with Your Customers

“PUSH” (Alert) Notifications – Specials, Discounts, Reminders, Coupons, etc. and 97% open rate VS 4% with an email campaign

Constant Branding – Your Business right on Your Customers Mobile   Device

Platform for “Proof” – Provide Important info, Testimonials, Video

GPS Directions – One Tap directions to your location

One Tap Calling from Your Customers Mobile Device

Connect to Your Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Viral Marketing with the “Share this App” feature

Keep in Contact with Your Customers

Keep Your Customers Engaged with You

Keep Your Customers coming back

Keep Your Customers buying more and more often



Market & Brand Recognition

Apps are replacing websites… Tablet devices and mobile phones are replacing computers, the market is currently 5+ Billion Mobile Phone Users….1.5 Billion Smart

 Phone users, and growing by 1 million per day.

 If you have a business…you need an App to effectively market to and connect with your customers whenever and where ever they are! Become a branded icon on their device!


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